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The politically correct blasphemy of Replacement Theology

PC, or political correctness, is a modern term referring to the shaping of one’s speech according to a certain political dogma. Though some would champion PC as a means to minimize offense in regard to race, gender, occupation, culture, disability and age-related issues, others believe that PC involves suppressing free speech because some consider certain […]

Biblical truth versus political declarations

Truth is considered a somewhat flexible commodity today, something like warm toffee. In a post-modernist world it is not chic to raise the subject of unbending truth. Once upon a time Western societies lived, fought and sacrificed their well-being over beliefs, over spiritual convictions, over matters of conscience and freedom, and over rejection of dictatorships […]

True and False Reconciliation

Certain buzz words are guaranteed to tug at people’s hearts – words like ‘motherhood’ and ‘patriotism.’ Who could possibly stand against motherhood, or betray one’s true and native land? Obviously – only a villain! The word ‘reconciliation’ has a similar strong pull. Who could conceivably be opposed to reconciliation? Only a warmonger or a racist, most […]

Aldersgate or Ichabod?

Charles Wesley (1707-1788), one of England’s most prodigious hymn writers (over 9,000 total) was the younger brother of John and Samuel Wesley (John and Charles together are considered the founders and spiritual forefathers of Methodism). Charles’ songs were the spiritual rails upon which the Methodist revival crossed Britain. His pen was used by God to […]

Evangelical Folly: Betraying The Jewish People With The Full Authority Of The Scripture

God has drawn a line of destiny in the sands of time, and significant voices in America’s Evangelical camp have stumbled across it in the spirit. This is God’s plumb line (Amos 7:7-8). He who blunders across it moves out from under God’s protection in some specific area. The specific area in question here is […]

A Dead Baby Or A Full Gospel?

Solomon son of David was now king over Israel with the kingdom firmly established in his hands (1 Kings 2:46). Three important events now happened in rapid succession which would shape Solomon’s reign. First, Solomon married the daughter of Pharaoh Siamun, solidifying political connections with the super-power at his western flank. Then he cried out […]

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