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Boasting against the branches at the Feast of Esther

The coming week ushers in the worldwide celebration of Purim (the Feast of Lots). A Persian plot to destroy the Jewish people, hatched in the prideful heart of Haman, nearly led to the genocide of the entire people of Israel. Its murderous machinations were foiled by the hand of an almost invisible God. This is […]

‘Tis the Season to remember

The holiday season is in full throttle. Good food, good cheer, trees and lights, and nine-branched menorahs abound.  Dreidels and potato pancakes, fruit cake and egg nog overflow on groaning tables. Tis the season for snowmen to be jolly! In the West Jews and Christians celebrate holy days and remember stirring events. Does anything bind […]

If I forget you, O Jerusalem

The last few weeks have seen Islamist rioting and civil unrest break out like root fires on the seams between Jerusalem’s Jewish and Arab populations. Calls for violent opposition to Israeli rule on the part of Palestinian radicals have come from – jailed terror leader Marwan Barghouti ( Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (; […]

Eating grass and drinking wine

The last three months have seen elections in America, Israel and Jordan. The results have for the most part not brought healing, satisfaction or decisive change. Re-interpreting the Founding Fathers At the U.S. Inauguration ( President Obama boldly advocated for homosexual marriage, placing it on an “Olympic podium” along with votes for women and civil […]

Israel – hope in the midst of threats

The evening of July 27, 2012, was the 9th day of Av (Tish’a B’Av) according to the Jewish calendar. In 586 BC and in 70 AD, on the 9th of Av, both the First and Second Temples were destroyed. Ensconced in tradition, this day is remembered yearly. Jews in Mumbai, Moscow, Munich, Madrid, Mexico City […]

“Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation” – The 2012 London Olympics and the heart of God

The world gathered in London this August for the 30th Summer Olympic Games. Athletes from every nation competed for the gold, silver and bronze medals which would crown the planet’s top sportsmen and women. It was the most watched TV event in U.S. history (219.4 million), while the closing ceremony alone had an estimated global […]

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