In that day, I will restore David’s fallen sukkah. I will repair it’s broken walls and restore it’s ruins. I will rebuild it as in the days of old.

– Amos 9:11


What goes around comes around. At the end of the ages, history comes full circle. What began with Abraham’s children and land will come to a climax centering around the people and land of Israel.

The ancient Jewish prophets declared that restoration is the key word for the future. Adam and Eve’s children will one day be restored to innocence. But this second time around, mankind won’t be restored to a Garden — we will be welcomed into a Golden City!

And right now Jacob’s scattered children are being restored to their own land of Israel — once-ruined and now still partially occupied. The pressures against Israel are mounting — from one corner, pagan politicians whisper seductive promises of false peace, while in the other corner murderous cries to slaughter the Jews resound in casbahs across the Middle East. But Israel’s Messiah has plans of His own to set up David’s throne when He returns (see Amos 9:11).

Great shakings and darkness are descending on Planet Earth, but they will be overshadowed by even more amazing displays of God’s power and light. Ever the long-term strategist, YHVH is raising up a mighty army of cutting-edge Jewish end-time warriors. These spiritual soldiers will spread His message of restoration and judgment across the globe (see Ezek.37:10-11; Isa.61:1-2).

The nation of Israel is about to embrace their long-lost older Brother Yeshua (Jesus), just as Joseph’s eleven brothers embraced him in Egypt long ago. This incredible restoration will be the key to open the spiritual storehouses of God’s love and provision to a famished world (Rom.11:12,15).

Right now intercession (desperate prayer) is needed on behalf of the Jewish people

* that they repent for national rebellion against David’s dynasty (1 Ki.12:19) and especially against their own Messiah, Yeshua Son of David (Matt.23:37-39; Zech.12:10)

* that they enter into their national calling to be prophets to the world (Psa.105:4-5), servants to the nations (Isa.49:5-6; Acts 13:47) and spiritual treasure bearers to the world (Isa.27:6; Rom.11:12,15)

The Apostle Paul encourages us not only to intercede for Israel, but also to reach out to Jewish people with the message of Yeshua. How shall Israel hear about Him unless someone shows them? And how can people share this message with the Jewish people unless they are sent out (see Rom.10:14)? Israel certainly needs fiery prayers (Jer.31:7) and compassionate hands (Isa.60:5-16). We also need articulate friends who don’t mumble when it comes to talking about Messiah, and who are prepared to protect and rescue Jacob’s children as did Corrie Ten Boom — even to the point of laying down their own lives.

Part of our vision is to equip believers in Yeshua to pray biblical prayers for Israel’s restoration and to speak into the heart of the Jewish people with insight and truth, understanding and the Father’s heart of compassion (Isa.40:1-3; Rom.1:16).

The world rushes forward, unaware that it is coming full circle. The God of Israel is preparing His people for the struggle to come, restoring ancient spiritual weapons of prayer, worship and art. The creative arts are once again being married to Israel’s ancient anointing. Much of our vision centers on encouraging, cherishing and catalyzing these artistic and prophetic expressions.

Restoration and Israel
Ever since the God of Israel committed His word into the hands of men and women,  the enemy has tried to extinguish the light.  That is why God has long been about the business of restoring biblical truth.

Restoration usually is attended by controversy.  The restoration of the gospel’s foundations occasioned much conflict during the Reformation.  The restoration of a vision for world evangelization caused a similar storm in the days of John Wesley, George Whitfield, Adoniram Judson, C.T. Studd and Hudson Taylor.  The restoration of the refreshing wind of the Holy Spirit has shaken and stirred the Body of Messiah out of complacency time and again during the 20th century.  The restoration of the prophetic has been followed by much controversy in the past 25 years.  Now the penultimate restoration is upon us — the clear teaching and pure revelation concerning the restoration of Israel.

For centuries the primarily Gentile Body of Messiah has averted it eyes from the Jewish people. A cold heart toward Israel developed theological excuses for not loving the apple of God’s eye (Zechariah 2:8), excuses which today are called ‘Replacement Theology’.  From Chrysostom to Luther, Christian calls for Jewish genocide (at worst) and humiliation and persecution of Israel (at best) echo down the corridors of Christian time.  The image of the cross became a feared symbol for many Jews, representing Christian hatred instead of the sacrificial love of Messiah.  The rich prophetic Scriptures describing the restoration of Israel became putty which preachers twisted at will.  The Jewish people’s glorious future was arrogantly ignored, and instead has been reinterpreted to refer to the love song of a Gentile God for His non-Jewish bride.

This generation has witnessed the physical restoration of a significant part of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland of Israel.  This stunning event has shaken much of Christian theology. The Jews are back on the pages of history with a vengeance!  The subject of Jewish restoration is no longer a spider web-covered excursus to be found in dusty seminary libraries.  It has become the leading story on television nightly news.  God has captured the attention of the world.  It’s about time that the Church also begins to pay attention!

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