Shakings, Weighings and Divisions: Syria, Annapolis and the Return of YHVH – Part One – Syria

Part One – Syria Israel has been in the headlines again – a mysterious Israel Air Force attack delves deep into Syria; an upcoming US-prompted peace conference in Annapolis MD discusses a major dividing up of the land of Israel; a brazen new book accuses the American Jewish community and Israel of acting against the […]

Eyeless in Gaza: The Muslim Brotherhood New Terror-State Against Israel

This past week has seen the total collapse of Yassir Arafat’s legacy in the Gaza Strip. Black ski-masked Hamas jihad fighters kneecapped their Palestinian Authority (PA) al-Fatah rivals, paraded half-naked PLO fighters through the streets, or executed them Chicago gangland style with a bullet to the head – often in front of wives and children. […]

The “dogs of war” prophetic vision

The gospel is a revolutionary message.  Yeshua the Messiah of Israel was branded seditious by the religious and political authorities of His day (John 12:19; also chapters 18-19). His followers were labeled as notorious international troublemakers and instigators of riots (Acts 17:6; 24:5).  Crucifixion, stoning, torture, imprisonment, beheading – these were the ways that the […]

God is speaking from the bogs of Ireland

CNN announced this morning that an ancient 20 page manuscript dating to 800-1000 AD was discovered last week in a bog in the Irish Midlands. The director of the National Museum of Ireland said, “This is really a miracle find”. The manuscript was opened at Psalm 83. The Latin text of that psalm describes how […]

War with Hezbollah

Emergency prayer request for Israel July 12-26 2006 At approximately 9:05 am this morning the Islamist terror group Hezbollah opened up a massive katyusha rocket and mortar attack on Israel’s northern farms in the western Galilee. Eight Israeli were injured according to initial reports. Evidently the attack was a cover ruse to kidnap Israeli soldiers. […]

A Call To Get Back On The Walls of Jerusalem

The nation of Israel is undergoing a shaking of biblical proportions.  Her strength has been sapped and her clear thinking has been muddled by a constant rain of body blows. These include terror attacks; the election of al-Qa’eda’s Islamist twin-sister Hamas in the Gaza elections; unswerving world pressure to establish an Islamist Arab Palestinian state […]

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