In that day, I will restore David’s fallen sukkah. I will repair it’s broken walls and restore it’s ruins. I will rebuild it as in the days of old.

– Amos 9:11

How to be Messianic Without Becoming Meshuggeh*

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How to be Messianic Without Becoming Meshuggeh*

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It is possible to live a balanced and healthy Messianic Jewish life. This book looks at Jewish identity in light of Bible, history and the modern Israeli experience. The spiritual dynamics of rejection, the role of tradition and the Torah are weighed as shapers of Messianic distinctiveness. The Dry Bones army of Ezekiel 37 is presented as a Last Days divine strategy. Counterfeit pseudo-Messianic solutions are considered. Jewish-Arab tensions are probed from a prophetic and biblical perspective and God’s End of Days strategy of cooperation between Jews and Gentiles is fleshed out.


“Very strong! Very good! And I so appreciate the cautions.”
Don Finto, The Caleb Company, Nashville, Tennessee; author, Your People Shall Be My People

“An amazing mix!”
Asher Intrater, Director, Revive Israel Ministries, author, Who Ate Lunch with Abraham

“A worthy book. I enjoyed it and am glad for the large overlap of our perspectives.”
Daniel Juster, President, Tikkun Ministries, author, Jewish Roots

“I love this book. It is the most lovingly offensive book I’ve ever read in my life because it is written in truth and with love. Avner did such a beautiful job of bringing a clear scriptural exposé covering the heart of God. A must-read eye-opener and a guidepost for the hour.”
Nanci Blanco, intercessor, Streams in the Desert, Israel

“I appreciate the heart and scholarship of this book. Excellent and helpful challenges regarding the subject of Torah observance. Boskey helps believers maneuver through the Scriptures on all things Messianic and grow in understanding God’s heart for the Jewish people.”
John Chisholm, Director, Israel Mandate, International House of Prayer, Kansas City

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