In that day, I will restore David’s fallen sukkah. I will repair it’s broken walls and restore it’s ruins. I will rebuild it as in the days of old.

– Amos 9:11

Bin Laden – Of heroes and hydras

Usama Bin Laden is dead. The Saudi born Islamist of Yemeni extraction was “terminated with extreme prejudice” by U.S. Navy Seals Team Six, in a superbly executed 40 minute special forces operation involving at least four helicopters flying out of Afghanistan. A ten year manhunt has come to an end.

President Obama called an uncharacteristically late-evening press conference to announce the positive identification of the terrorist leader as well as his subsequent anonymous burial in the waters of the Persian Gulf.  Spontaneous crowds gathered at Ground Zero in New York City, remembering the more than 3,000 civilians murdered by Bin Laden’s jihadi comrades. Iran’s leaders announced that it was high time that U.S. forces leave Afghanistan since, according to Teheran, this was the only reason America had occupied that country.

Both Hamas and Fatah cursed America and mourned Bin Laden’s death, calling him a Muslim hero and an Islamic lion (the word Osama in Arabic means ‘lion’). The Islamic imam of Jerusalem prophesied a dog’s death to President Obama, while the supreme world Islamic authority (the sheikh of Al-Azhar University in Cairo) accused the U.S. of violating Islamic law and sensibilities by burying Bin Laden (UBL) at sea.

How can we make sense of these events? What help do the Scriptures give in sorting things out?

David’s mighty men

In 1 Chronicles 11:10-47 King David’s Seal Team is described. His special forces in that day were called “the Three” and “the Thirty.” Their strength, speed and stealth were legendary throughout Israel, and their stunning exploits are quoted with approval in Scripture.

King David gives thanks to God his Rock, who trained his hands for war and his fingers for the battle (Psalm 144:1). Regarding the Hebrew warrior-judge Othniel it is written, “The Spirit of YHVH came on him, so that he became Israel’s judge and went to war” (Judges 3:10).

Ultimately satan himself will be the one who gathers all ungodly nations to fight against the Jewish people, the Jewish Messiah, and all believers: “Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the Rider on the horse and His army” (Rev.19:19; see also Psalm 83).

YHVH is a warrior, Moses said in Exodus 15:3. Modern-day warriors who oppose evil know something of YHVH’s character and zeal in a way that few others can. We are thankful for those men and women who have dedicated their strength and skill for such purposes.

  • Pray for the safety, discernment, wisdom and salvation of God for the special forces of the U.S. and of Israel – on the cutting edge of the battle against Islamic jihadi terror.

Ten years is a long time

A friend in the USA reminded me that UBL and Hitler died within a few hours of each other, 66 years apart, and their deaths were both announced on May 1. Certainly the spiritual forces that operated in Hitler also motivated UBL. They also drove Saddam Hussein, Hezbollah and Hamas to fire mortars, rockets and missiles at Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beersheva. The source of these murderous spirits comes fundamentally from satan. In the Islamist examples seen above, it also draws historical and spiritual inspiration from the words and works of Mohammed the jihad warrior.

The American intelligence community has been pursuing al-Qa’eda for ten years. Yet even prior to 9/11 such voices like the FBI’s counterterrorism specialist John O’Neill (see The Man Who Warned America, by Murray Weiss) tried in vain to focus attention on the clear and present danger.  At various times over the past years, U.S. special forces actually had UBL in their sights, yet the go-ahead was never given. Fear of failure or lack of trust in hot intelligence aborted more than one such operation. It is to President Obama’s credit that he decided to go ahead with this operation. It required courage and resolve.

Take no prisoners, but who is the enemy?

One of the hardest battles to win is the one where one cannot discern who the enemy is. For believers it is clear that satan himself is the ultimate enemy. Those who are God’s enemies are also our enemies (Psalm 139:19-24). Those who are the Jewish people’s enemies are also our enemies (Psalm 83:2-3, 5, 12).

But what about Islam? The leaders of the West never cease to declare that Islam is not the enemy; that it is a religion of peace; and that the problem is only some crazy terrorists who are perverting Islam and giving it a bad name. U.S. Presidents (Barak Obama and George W. Bush) and former U.K. PM Tony Blair are notable advocates for that position. One can see the concern (or even fear) in their words, since they were ultra-sensitive about not wanting to upset a very volatile Muslim world. Street riots and attacks on Western embassies have resulted due to statements, cartoons and rumors deemed insulting to Islam.

Yet a desire to avoid conflict does not always lead to people speaking the truth.  An analysis of Islam’s source documents (the Koran and the Hadith) is the best way for us to determine whether or not UBL has perverted Mohammed’s original jihad call. Such a simple study (see “A Perspective on Islam”, leads the average reader to the stunning conclusion that the Koran clearly mandates continuing violent military attacks against non-Muslims until the whole world submits to Mohammed’s control. What is called ‘terror’ in the West is seen as true and courageous Koranic Islam by over 95% of all Islamic teachers and preachers.

The West would prefer to ignore these unpalatable facts, while attempting to prop up corrupt Arab and Islamic pro-Western dictators. The recent Arab street riots conclusively prove that the U.S.A. is having as much success there as they had in Havana, Managua and Saigon. Unless the West wakes up its defensive limbs (which have fallen asleep) and recognizes the spiritual and geopolitical threats connected to jihadi and Koranic Islam, the enemy will continue to be able to operate under the radar with great stealth and effectiveness.

The enemy is much more than Osama Bin Laden’s talking head, or than the al-Qa’eda hierarchy. It is the Islamic goal of world jihad and the restoration of a shari’a-based Islamic caliphate dictatorship.

  • Pray for the leaders of the Western powers and for Israel – that they will have a clear revelation about the spiritual and religious roots of this present struggle 
  • Pray that they will individually receive a saving revelation of Israel’s Messiah, and the guts and gumption to follow through on obedience to Him

How many heads does a hydra have?

An Arab youth interviewed by Western media after UBL’s assassination proudly declared, “Now you will have one thousand jihadis to take Bin Laden’s place!”  The Islamist activists have never ceased in their strategy to take over all the Arab and Islamic countries from their corrupt leadership. This is done either through street revolution followed by military putsch, or by democratic elections followed by military putsch (“one man, one vote, one time”). In either case, it leads to the establishment of an Islamic dictatorship.

Such was the case in Gaza, where U.S. pressure led to free elections, The Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Hamas government came to power, whose constitution calls for jihadi destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. After coming to power, they murdered their main Islamic competitors (Arafat’s Fatah gunmen) and have transformed Gaza into an Islamic dictatorship. The Egyptian elections are presently facing the likelihood of a Muslim Brotherhood victory, either outright or in a few quick stages.

The U.S. State Department and the British Foreign Ministry have both spoken positively of Fatah’s declaration that it will sign a unity agreement with Hamas this week. The cognitive dissonance here is more than huge – how can the U.S. assassinate Bin Laden while speaking positively about the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, which call for the same jihad as did UBL?

It will not do to proclaim victory over jihadi forces in Pakistan while encouraging those same forces in the Palestinian Authority and Egypt.

  • Pray for clarity, wisdom and courage for Western leaders to grasp the extent and seriousness of the Islamic jihadi threat.

When is a targeted assassination kosher?

Israelis look at world news from a unique perspective. The centuries of anti-Semitism, the past century of genocide and Islamic attempts to wipe out Israel through terrorism and conventional warfare, and present attempts to do the same through nuclear weapons – all of these have engendered a certain cynicism about the world’s intentions regarding the Jewish people and their state. As Bob Dylan once said, Israel is “supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in” (Neighborhood Bully, words & music by Bob Dylan © Special Rider Music 1983). Lately Israel has not been overly enthusiastic in embracing this role.

When Israel began to use targeted assassinations to kill jihadi terrorist leaders, it was rebuked by nearly every Western country and censured at the United Nations. When Israel’s Mossad  tried to assassinate the operational head of Hamas who was living in Jordan (a country with a peace treaty with Israel) while all the time planning terror attacks on Israel and her leaders, she faced world (and Jordanian) condemnation. When the head of procurement for Hamas was assassinated in Dubai while engaged in arms purchases meant to destroy the State of Israel, Britain, Ireland and Germany rushed to condemn Israeli activities, while keeping mum about Islamist genocidal goals and operations.

The double-standard here is striking: a targeted assassination is kosher, as long as it is not done by Israel against jihadi enemies!

  • Pray for your country’s moral clarity and courage on these issues; that your leaders would recognize and move against Islamist threats with the same courage and resolve that Israelis (and the U.S. Navy Seals) do.

Sowing the wind

One further thought. The state departments, foreign ministries, intelligence agencies and economic magnates of the West have long sided with and favored the Arab and Islamic world in their struggles against tiny Israel. Every single one of the Western countries sides with Islamic claims to much of the land of Israel promised by God to Jacob exclusively. None recognizes Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and all call for that city’s re-division (see Zechariah 14:1-2; Joel 3:1-3). Is the rise of Islamic terrorism directed against the West a divine way of getting Western attentions about these above issues? Does God take His promises seriously in Genesis 12:3, Isaiah 60:12 and Jeremiah 30:16-17?

  • Pray for your country’s leaders – that they would sober up about God’s word and His promises concerning blessing and cursing the Jewish people and their country.

Your prayers and support hold up our arms and are the enablement of God to us in the work He has called us to do!

In Messiah Yeshua,

Avner Boskey

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