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Revival of the Hitler spirit

The prophet Daniel had no idea what forces would be unleashed when he interceded to God about the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel. Major spiritual warfare exploded, with the Archangel Michael and Gabriel wrestling with demonic forces known as the “princes of Persia and Greece” (Daniel 9-10). After the dust […]

Tumbling onto the playing fields of Armageddon

Israel is a country with a small geography but a huge history. That’s what the Bible says. God chose Sarah’s shriveled and humble womb to give birth to the Chosen People and through them to the Son of David. Planet Earth’s cosmic drama will reach its awesome crescendo in a Jewish Jerusalem. The Jewish people […]

War with Hezbollah

Emergency prayer request for Israel July 12-26 2006 At approximately 9:05 am this morning the Islamist terror group Hezbollah opened up a massive katyusha rocket and mortar attack on Israel’s northern farms in the western Galilee. Eight Israeli were injured according to initial reports. Evidently the attack was a cover ruse to kidnap Israeli soldiers. […]

Satanic strategies and anti-Semitism

World events are speeding up. So much is happening so quickly. Our heads spin with the constant flow of news. Who can keep up with it all? The race to keep up with the present produces stress and this stress will not disappear simply by gathering or sorting facts. As a matter of fact, it’s […]

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