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Rumble in Nineveh

This past week has seen the collapse of central U.S. strategies in the Middle East. Ayatollah Khomeini’s fateful plane ride from Paris to Tehran in 1979 generated a spiritual earthquake in the region. Current events in Iraq are a similar major shock. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS – a group spiritually connected […]

“Render unto Caesar” – Seismic shifts in post-Nazi Europe

There are between seven and eight major tectonic plates within the bowels of this planet. Held in place by the sustaining power of God, their slightest movement blasts volcanoes into being, throws jagged mountains into the skies, and spins out shuddering earthquakes. The Jewish people’s state strategically sits between two major plates – the African […]

When the Middle Eastern pot boils over

The Middle East is a violently boiling cauldron. So many changes are happening so quickly, and the media does not grasp the complexity and intractability of the present situation.  What follows is a brief summation of the current state of affairs, and scriptural guidelines on how to pray for each country. Syria – the history […]

Shattering the gates of Damascus (Amos 1:5)

Damascus is the crown jewel of the Arab world, culturally and historically. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities and capitals on the planet (Ezekiel 27:16), a star member of the United Nations’ World Heritage Sites. Yet at this very moment Damascus is engulfed in the throes of riot, butchery and civil war. […]

A Master Terrorist meets the Book of Obadiah

The simmering Middle Eastern pot is about to break into a full-fledged boil. Islamist forces of jihad have been beating, beating, beating on Israel until this sleeping Jewish giant fitfully awakes, swats at the buzzing bees (see Psalm 118:9-12), and sinks into a drugged slumber once again. Let’s look at some of the recent events, […]

Shakings, Weighings and Divisions: Syria, Annapolis and the Return of YHVH – Part Two of Three – Dividing Up the Land of Israel: What Does The Bible Say?

Part Two of Three – Dividing Up the Land of Israel: What Does The Bible Say? Across the globe the spiritual electronic chatter is picking up right now. Subtle changes are taking place in society, in the spirit and in spiritual warfare. World events are unfolding quickly, revealing wicked plans which target the land of […]

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