Ezekiel 37 Institute

The Holy One of Israel is on the move. A perfect storm forming in the desert climate of the Middle East. God’s sovereign hand is setting the stage for the climax of history as we know it.

The Jewish people and their Promised Land are at the epicenter of God’s heart and worldwide strategy. The endgame for this national regathering is found in chapter 37 of the prophet Ezekiel’s vision. We are returning to our homeland to be resurrected as a Spirit-filled army of Israeli warriors.

What role will this army have in today’s volatile world? Do the Scriptures provide any marching orders here? How can we align ourselves with this clearly biblical (yet politically incorrect) truth?

The Ezekiel 37 Institute seeks to inspire and train the Body of Messiah in the Land of Israel with a priority but not exclusive focus on Jewish believers – regarding their Scripture-based identity as the revived Dry Bones Army.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming season the E37 Institute will be made available as an Online Course.

The E37 course will focus on various subjects including:

  1. Birthing and developing the Ezekiel 37 army in our day
  2. A Jewish army – its history and identity
  3. Equipping the army for battle – Biblical realities and spiritual weapons

Updates regarding this course will be released though both Signet Ring Media and by e-mail. You can stay in touch with soon-coming developments in two ways:

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