In that day, I will restore David’s fallen sukkah. I will repair it’s broken walls and restore it’s ruins. I will rebuild it as in the days of old.

– Amos 9:11

Scottish prophetic treasures and Feast of Trumpets dream

September 5, 2002

Shalom dear friends,

Tomorrow evening is the eve of the Feast of Trumpets.  The Feast of Trumpets (or Rosh Hashanah) falls on September 7. Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) is September 16 and the Feast of Tabernacles (or Succot) is September 21-28.  Many Jewish and Gentile believers around the world are aware that God is still dealing with Israel according to the calendar He first instituted at the beginning of Israel’s history (Exod.12, Levit. 23).  Our spiritual senses are alert as we watch, together with you, to see the hand of God reaching out to bring salvation to His ancient people and to the nations.

Exactly two years ago on the Feast of Trumpets (which was September 30, 2000), great trouble exploded here in Israel.  On that day rioting erupted on the Temple Mount and within the next days, weeks and months many Jewish people were brutally murdered.  Then, approximately one year later, September 11, 2001, another blow fell on the civilized world.     

Now we are in September again watching and waiting.  The atmosphere in Israel right now could be described as tense and relatively quiet.  The release of this new intense wave of hatred towards the Jewish people began two years ago.  This wave of hatred is still catching Jewish people in its wake, both in Israel and around the world.  Yet, the continuing strife here has produced a certain numbness.  One predictable human response to continual suffering is just to shut down and enter into “denial.”  But even though we may be numb, God is ever vigilant. His senses are never dull. 

Feast of Trumpets dream

Two years ago, September 30, 2000, on the morning of the Feast of Trumpets, Rachel had a dream.  Later the same day rioting erupted on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and Israel’s current troubles escalated to an unprecedented level.  We believe that the dream was given as a prophetic encouragement, and we’d like to share it with you.

By way of background, a number of years ago the Lord impressed on Rachel something about His feelings for Israel.  He loves Israel with an everlasting love and yet His heart is deeply grieved by Her unfaithfulness, just like a husband with an unfaithful wife.  Therefore He is deeply sensitive and even “careful” in His own heart when He considers Israel.  Israel is like His “soft underbelly.”  The Lord shares His own intimate feelings about Israel with people whom He chooses.  He desires to have saints who will talk to Him about Israel with understanding of His sensitive heart.  He wants believers to speak to Him in tender ways and remind Him of His covenant love for Israel.  He desires to draw Israel back to Himself and looks for people who can understand this and communicate with Him in a way the touches Him in that intimate, tender place.

In light of this background about Israel being like the Lord’s “soft underbelly,” here is the dream:

Rachel was kneeling in prayer next to a big blue armchair in our living room.  A very big lion came up behind her while she was praying.  At first she didn’t know if this was a friendly lion or a dangerous lion.  As she was kneeling beside this chair the lion came up and lay down on top of her.  As the lion was laying on her she was somehow able to reach back and rub the lion’s soft belly.  The lion wanted her to continue doing this.  The more she rubbed his belly, the heavier the lion was on top of her.  Finally the lion was so heavy that Rachel couldn’t move.  She was not hurt, but she couldn’t move.  He was very warm and very heavy.  In the dream Rachel knew that rubbing the lion’s belly was helping this lion to do the work he had to do.  The work he had to do was to go out and fight the spirit of “Allahu Akbar.”   (This Arabic expression means “Allah is great.”  This is the spirit of Koranic Islam, which is also anti-Israel and anti-Christ.)  The lion then got up and began to walk away.    

This dream seems to mean that people who are called to intercede (to stand in the gap) for Israel are like ones who will “rub the lion’s belly.”  We who are called to intercede are to continue to remind God about His promises over the nation of Israel through Messiah Yeshua.  The dream means that as we do this God’s presence over our lives will be strong and heavy and protective.  Just like a big cat who loves to be stroked on his belly, God enjoys our reminding Him about Israel.  Israel is on His heart.  Talking tenderly to Him about Israel touches Him in the most sensitive and intimate places of His heart.  These words about Israel are words He longs to hear.

This dream may also indicate something about how God is going to deal with His enemies, and specifically with the spirit of Islam.  There seems to be a direct connection between intercession for Israel and the defeat of the Lord’s enemies.

August family vacation in England and Scotland – Hidden Treasures

As a family we spent two weeks in August travelling in England and Scotland.  The Lord had a few encouraging surprises for us while we were there.  By divine appointment we heard about the annual “Soul Survivor” youth conference held not far from Bath, England, and we were able to be there for one day with about 7,000 young people.  The worship was glorious.  

We visited a 600 year old castle near Edinburgh, Scotland, and “stumbled onto” an old study Bible in the chapel there which was published in the late 1700’s.–“Brown’s Self-Interpreting Family Bible,” by the late Rev. John Brown, printed in Glasgow.  As Rachel leafed through this well-worn Bible, with a binding which was falling apart, she found a wonderful treasure.  Among the many pages of Bible study notes was a page dealing specifically with Israel.  Almost 250 years ago this man John Brown understood the clear teaching of Scripture about Israel and the Jewish people.  No replacement theology here!  A brief summary of his notes: 

 “A Collection of Prophecies which Concern the Calling of the Jews and the Glory which shall be in the Latter Days”

(Each one of the following points is followed by many Scripture references.)

  1. The Jews shall be gathered from all parts of the earth where they are now scattered, and brought home into their own land.
  2. They shall be carried by the Gentiles unto their place, who shall join themselves with the Jews, and become the Lord’s people.
  3. Great miracles shall be wrought when Israel is restored, as formerly when they were brought out of Egypt (a) drying up the River Euphrates, (b) causing rivers to flow in desert places,  (c) giving them prophets, (d) the Lord Christ Himself shall appear at the head of them.
  4. The Jews being restored and converted to the faith of Christ, shall be formed into a state, and have judges and counsellors over them as formerly; the Lord Christ Himself being their King, who shall then also be acknowledged King over all the earth.
  5. They shall have the victory over all their enemies, and all kings and nations of the earth shall submit unto them.
  6. The Jews restored shall live peaceably, without being divided into two nations or contending with one another any more–(a) They shall be very numerous, and multiply greatly, (b) They shall have great peace, safety, and outward temporal prosperity, (c) They shall be very glorious, and a blessing in the whole earth.
  7. The land of Judea shall be made eminently fruitful, like a paradise, or the garden of God.
  8. Jerusalem shall be rebuilt, and after the full restoration of the Jews, shall never be destroyed nor infested with enemies any more.
  9. A little before the time of the Jews’ call and conversion, there shall be great wars, confusion and desolation, throughout all the earth, so that we may say, as Balaam did, prophesying on that very time,  “Alas!  Who shall live when God doth this?” 

Also during our time in England and Scotland we met with a few precious friends.  One friend near Glasgow gave us a book about the “Scottish Covenanters.”  The Covenanters were a group of on-fire believers in the 1600’s who claimed the Messiah Jesus as their own king.  Many of them paid with their lives.  Once again we read how, back in the 1600’s, Israel’s salvation was a clear focus of the prayers of these believers!    

Amazing!  We are the generation which is witnessing the unfolding of these very promises.  Saints throughout the ages have looked upon our time with great anticipation and they have bathed our own days with a myriad of their prayers.  We can be greatly encouraged knowing that the redemption of Israel is on the way and the season of the Lord’s coming is near! 

May the God of peace and comfort visit your hearts and homes in this holy season!

Much love to you in Messiah Yeshua,

Avner and Rachel Boskey

Final Frontier Ministries, Box 121971 Nashville, TN 37212-1971   USA



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