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Why do the nations rage? – UN Resolution 67/19

On November 29, 2012 a grand total of 138 nations of the world passed Resolution 67/19 on “The Question of Palestine” ( at the sixty-seventh session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. What does this resolution say? What does this resolution mean for the Middle East? What does this resolution mean in light […]

War in Gaza

Over the past few days limited warfare has broken out between Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) terror groups in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Over 110 rockets and mortars have been fired from Gaza and Sinai onto Israeli civilian farms, villages, towns and cities. Israel Air Force Iron Dome anti-missile batteries have brought donw the lion’s share […]

Freeze-frame on the Middle East Tsunami

Intercessors for the salvation and protection of Israel try to stay focused and on target in their prayers. Recently there has been a tsunami of war drums – anxious voices prophesying the imminent outbreak of apocalyptic hostilities in Israel. How can those not living in Israel accurately sift through this information? Here is an attempt […]

Shattering the gates of Damascus (Amos 1:5)

Damascus is the crown jewel of the Arab world, culturally and historically. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities and capitals on the planet (Ezekiel 27:16), a star member of the United Nations’ World Heritage Sites. Yet at this very moment Damascus is engulfed in the throes of riot, butchery and civil war. […]

The Changing of the Guards

Two significant Middle Eastern events transpired on June 30, 2012. In Israel former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir passed away at the age of 96. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi became the fifth President of the Arab world’s largest country at the age of 60. In the sovereignty of God, these two personalities […]

Prophesying the destruction of Zion?

From time to time I am asked to review a book or a musical project. This has occasionally led to some pleasant discoveries. Recently some acquaintances have asked me to analyze and respond to the teachings of Dalton Lifsey’s recent “The Controversy of Zion and the Time of Jacob’s Trouble” (Maskilim Publishing, 2011). The author […]

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