In that day, I will restore David’s fallen sukkah. I will repair it’s broken walls and restore it’s ruins. I will rebuild it as in the days of old.

– Amos 9:11


Making room for the elephant

Israel is the country of prophecy. Its valleys, hills and springs are embossed on every page of the Bible. The Scriptures shine a priority focus on the Jewish people like on no other nation. The God of Jacob weaves the themes of Jacob’s welfare – physical and spiritual – on

Following after the crowd

The spreading of false or evil reports is nothing new. In the Second Book of Moses, the God of Israel warns His people to stay far away from mass movements which, knowingly or unwittingly, pervert justice and stir up evil: “You shall not give a false report; do not join

When skies are red

Just after Messiah Yeshua fed the four thousand, “the Pharisees and Sadducees came up and, putting Yeshua to the test, they asked Him to show them a sign from heaven. But He replied to them, ‘When it is evening, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, “There will be a storm

“And you are not to fear what they fear” (Isaiah 8:12)

It has been said, “Two Jews, three opinions!” Our Hebrew nation has a long recorded history of theological debate, especially regarding rabbinic law and related discussions. In the Talmud (the rabbinic commentary on the Bible, codified between 400-500 A.D.) multiple perspectives and differences of opinion are recorded regarding each and

In a wilderness of mirrors

The English author T.S. Eliot once wrote: “In a wilderness of mirrors what will the spider do?” Should he attack what seems to be an incoming threat, or is that threat only a mirrored reflection of himself? James Jesus Angleton (CIA chief of counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975) liked Eliot’s

A person’s enemies are the people of his own household

Over 2,700 years ago Micah spoke prophetically of a sobering day coming upon the Jewish nation – a day when people would be at each other’s throats: Woe to me! . . . The godly person has perished from the land, and there is no upright person among mankind. All

By Year

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