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What’s new? Our latest creative developments

What’s new? Our latest creative developments Happy Hanukkah!  We’ve created some encouraging things in 2022: a new Polish translation of Israel the Key to World Revival a new musical recording – Shtetl Dreams the beginning of filming of our Ezekiel 37 Institute Here are the up-to-date details:   Israel the Key to World Revival – […]

Joseph’s prophetic bones

The last three verses of the Book of Genesis have a prophetic glow to them: Joseph said to his brothers, “I am about to die, but God will assuredly take care of you and bring you up from this land to the land which He promised on oath to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.” Then […]

Licking honey with the prophets

There is a Yiddish story about a man who spent all his free time at the shtetl kretchmeh (in Yiddish, a tavern doubling as an inn; in Polish karczma or in Ukrainian корчма). His wife bitterly complained about his all too frequent absences, asking him what he does there anyway with all his spare time. […]

Hebrew translation of August 8 2021 newsletter – תשעה עיוורים הודים והפיל הישראלי

תשעה עיוורים הודים והפיל הישראלי                                                                                                                     מאת אבנר בוסקי הערה – מאמר זה נכתב ויצא לאור ב-8 לאוגוסטת 2021. מאז יש כמה התפתחויות חשובות כגון הנושא של חיסוני ילדים, ההחלתה של ה-FDA שנותן אישור (כביכול) לחיסון אך עם הגבלות ברורות, וכו’. לדאבוני מאמר זה לא נוגע בפרטים חשובים אלה.   משל הודי עתיק (500 לפנה”ס […]

Nine blind Indians and the Israeli elephant

An ancient Indian Buddhist parable (circa 500 B.C.) tells of nine blind men who had never encountered an elephant. Each one was given a different part of the elephant’s body to touch, and then was called upon to describe the pachyderm. It comes as no surprise that each description was totally different from his neighbor’s! Each […]

Ezekiel 37 Institute – video teaching on the Minor Prophets – Obadiah

This video teaching is the twelfth and last one in our new twelve-part video series – teaching on eight of the Twelve Minor Prophets – presented by Avner Boskey from a Messianic Jewish and Israeli viewpoint. This twelfth video is ‘The Prophet Obadiah’                 We hope that […]

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