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James Bond and the Book of Judges

Spy thrillers have never been more popular. From James Bond to Jack Bauer, movies and TV serials about secret agents continue to capture the imagination of people everywhere. Boys have dreams of growing up to be policemen, firemen, race card drivers or spies. The quintessential secret agent with a license to kill was 007, Ian […]

Truth or Consequences at al-Azhar

President Obama is winding up his whirlwind tour of Islamic dictatorships. He has received golden gifts and has given, in exchange, golden complements, saying of Saudi King Abdullah, “I’ve been struck by his wisdom and graciousness” as well as “his generosity.” The President spoke with reporters before touching down in Saudi Arabia, declaring that he […]

Wake Up And Smell The Swastika

Planet Earth is picking up speed – if not in rate of rotation, then certainly in spiritual polarization. Good and bad, light and darkness, God and Satan – each one is coming more sharply into focus. And once again, the crucible of this process revolves around God’s penultimate end-time strategy – the Jewish people, their […]

“YHVH is a warrior; YHVH is His name”

The world is stumbling. The ground is trembling. Everyone is feeling a little weak in the knees. Newspapers and television remind us of these matters every day. The world’s economy is wobbling. An imperialistic Russia is again flexing its muscles. The specter of rising nuclear instability rises like a mushroom cloud in the Middle East, […]

War With Hamas – History Repeating Itself

George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (The Life of Reason, vol. one, 1905).  Hegel added, “What experience and history teach is this – that nations and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted upon any lessons they might have drawn from it” (Georg Wilhelm […]

War With Hamas – Context and Clear Thinking

“A text without a context is a pretext.” Bible college students are taught this proverb when they begin to tackle the fundamentals of exegesis. Reporters doing a stint on the Middle Eastern beat would surely benefit from similar advice. Often the main actors and leaders on the Middle Eastern stage are misunderstood by the media, […]

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