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A Prophetic Perspective on Choosing National Leaders – Peretz Uzzah

The citizens of America are in the throes of choosing national candidates for upcoming November elections. Newspapers and TV programs are tunneling in to anything deemed newsworthy – from passport details, comments on race, candidates’ pastors, voting records, etc. Does God have anything to say on these matters? Do the Scriptures offer any guidelines to […]

A Master Terrorist meets the Book of Obadiah

The simmering Middle Eastern pot is about to break into a full-fledged boil. Islamist forces of jihad have been beating, beating, beating on Israel until this sleeping Jewish giant fitfully awakes, swats at the buzzing bees (see Psalm 118:9-12), and sinks into a drugged slumber once again. Let’s look at some of the recent events, […]

Shakings, Weighings and Divisions: Syria, Annapolis and the Return of YHVH – Part Three of Three – Cutting Israel Down To Size

Part Three of Three – Cutting Israel Down To Size  In the first part of this three-part newsletter, we looked at the Israeli raid deep into Syria to destroy its nuclear capabilities, at a prophetic word about the destruction of Damascus, and at a lesson drawn from the First Gulf War, wherein coalition forces benefited […]

Satanic strategies and anti-Semitism

World events are speeding up. So much is happening so quickly. Our heads spin with the constant flow of news. Who can keep up with it all? The race to keep up with the present produces stress and this stress will not disappear simply by gathering or sorting facts. As a matter of fact, it’s […]

From Palestine to Columbia

Israel’s Sabbath rest of February 1 2003 was broken by the abrupt announcement at 1400 GMT that a loss of communication with the space shuttle Columbia had occurred. Within minutes the dry facts were quietly announced. The shuttle had broken up into ‘multiple targets’. It had exploded, said the first eyewitnesses from a small Texan […]

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