Ezekiel 37 Institute – video teaching on the Minor Prophets – Obadiah

This video teaching is the twelfth and last one in our new twelve-part video series – teaching on eight of the Twelve Minor Prophets – presented by Avner Boskey from a Messianic Jewish and Israeli viewpoint.

This twelfth video is ‘The Prophet Obadiah’ https://youtu.be/_PHgtG0pEXc









We hope that you have enjoyed this series. Pray for us as we work on two new projects: the complete E37 Institute teachings, and a series on the Book of Ezekiel.

Our YouTube channel – Signet Ring Media – at the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoX5hxSFWLBUANDaQttw0uQ

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For more information regarding the E37 Teaching Institute, visit: https://davidstent.org/e37/



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