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The Coming War With Hamas

As 2008 comes to close, it’s time for a week of happy memories with family and friends. Here in Israel, however, Christmas is just another day. Apart from Israel’s tiny Christian community, there are no special celebrations, family gatherings, trees or twinkling lights. The people are intensely focused and are making preparations, it is true, […]

Eyeless in Gaza: The Muslim Brotherhood New Terror-State Against Israel

This past week has seen the total collapse of Yassir Arafat’s legacy in the Gaza Strip. Black ski-masked Hamas jihad fighters kneecapped their Palestinian Authority (PA) al-Fatah rivals, paraded half-naked PLO fighters through the streets, or executed them Chicago gangland style with a bullet to the head – often in front of wives and children. […]

Hurtling Through The Fog of War: A Messianic Perspective On The New Hamastan

Events in Israel are speeding up. Prime Minister Sharon’s debilitating strokes (Dec 19 & Jan 4) leave him comatose on the seventh floor of Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, his fledgling Kadima party temporarily floundering without their father figure and prime electoral attraction. Hamas’ election victory over Arafat’s followers (Jan 26) has jihadi terrorists poised to take […]

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